Business Funding Cash Flow Management Solutions

June 7, 2012

“Yes. You qualify.”

Cash flow factoring can transform countless “no” answers from banks into a resounding “yes” for your business funding needs.

You’re worried about meeting your payroll or other bills. Well, stop worrying and start taking action. If you’ve got outstanding receivables from your customers, then you’re a prime candidate for receivables factoring solutions. So, take a giant leap towards effective cash flow management by applying for accounts receivable financing today.

Still worried that you won’t qualify? Then, read on.

Business Funding Worry # 1: I don’t have any property to use as collateral for a loan.

Accounts Receivable Financing Solution: Receivables factoring is not based on property collateral. Invoice factoring is based on your outstanding receivables. Request a quote or apply online today.

Business Funding Worry # 2: I haven’t been in business very long.

Accounts Receivable Financing Solution: Doesn’t matter! If you’ve got the customers, then it’s time for you to contact MP Star Financial to discuss cash flow management solutions for your company.

Business Funding Worry # 3: I don’t have perfect credit.

Accounts Receivable Financing Solution: Guess what? Cash flow factoring is based upon the credit worthiness of your customers. So, start focusing your energy on the solution, not the problem. Request a quote or apply online for cash flow factoring and invoice factoring solutions today.

Receivables factoring works especially well for both service and manufacturing companies. So, don’t delay.

If you have a company that:

  • struggles to meet weekly payroll
  • needs capital to expand
  • wants to concentrate on sales, not worrying about the check in the mail
  • wants to get ahead of its bills

or if you own any sort of business where you have the clients but not ready cash, the solution to your cash flow management problems may be as close as your fingertips: invoice factoring. Request a quote or apply online for cash flow factoring / invoice factoring solutions today. Have questions? Call 800-833-3765 Ext. 150 today.

Gage Price
Gage is the president of MP Star Financial, founding the company in 1995 to provide invoice factoring and other asset-based lending services, focusing on freeing up cash flow for small to medium-sized businesses. Gage earned his MBA at The Stern School of Business in New York City.