Invoice Factoring Services

May 25, 2012

Cash flow management made simple by the high touch, highly trusted factoring company, MP Star.

Factoring (or as it sometimes called, “accounts receivable financing”) with the MP Star Financial factoring company, gives your business the cash flow management solutions to both meet its financial obligations and grow. We understand that it can be difficult maintaining financial stability while having to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid for products and services that you provide today. The MP Star factoring company is here to help you:

  • manage your payroll;
  • take supplier discounts;
  • and help you pursue new business that may have been otherwise out of reach.

MP Star is a factoring company like no other, offering valuable financing solutions with top shelf, personalized service:

  • Get the cash you need today with rapid funding:We’ll set up a personalized cash flow management program to ensure you have access to funding when you need it most. When we receive your invoice(s) and supporting documentation, we can usually verify the invoice(s) and fund within hours. You’ll get the quick cash you need to operate your business when you choose our factoring company. Talk to us about implementing a cash flow management program to suit your needs.
  • Reduce the risk with accounts receivable financing: MP Star will help you manage your current and future customer credit risks. Together we can determine the customer(s) to whom you should avoid extending credit as well as those whom you should pursue for more business. A factoring company is all about getting you the cash you need—but it’s equally important to ensure your company is doing business with paying customers.
  • Ensure timely payments with collection assistance:Collecting on your accounts receivable is one of the most important aspects of your business. Because you have the closer relationship with your customers, you will maintain the ultimate responsibility for collections under MP Star’s account receivable financing program. However, our courteous staff will share their long-term customer service experience with you to help ensure that invoices are paid in a timely manner. We monitor your accounts receivable financing on a regular basis to keep invoice payments on schedule.
  • Reporting and accounting makes cash flow management simple: The MP Star factoring company provides (via email) all the reports you’ll need for daily cash flow management. Talk to us about how we can help you to set up your cash flow management program today.

Instantly improve your cash flow management; meet current financial obligations with ease; and grow your business to new heights with the MP Star factoring company.

Our mission is to provide flexible cash flow management solutions that fund your growth. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff today – we’re ready to help with your account receivable financing, payroll, credit checks and more. Trust the expertise of the MP Star Financial factoring company- call 800-833-3765 Ext. 150 today.

Gage Price
Gage is the president of MP Star Financial, founding the company in 1995 to provide invoice factoring and other asset-based lending services, focusing on freeing up cash flow for small to medium-sized businesses. Gage earned his MBA at The Stern School of Business in New York City.