Frequently Asked Questions

June 6, 2012

Getting started with factoring financial services – answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Choosing your factoring financial services company is an important decision in the early stages of creating and maintaining cash flow management for your firm. To help you select the right company and get off to a great start, MP Star offers more information about setting up your factoring loans and cash flow management solutions.

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What is required prior to invoice factoring?

The work/products must be completed and/or delivered, and accepted by your customer prior to invoice factoring. In addition, your customer(s) must also be credit worthy in order for your invoice(s) and accounts receivable to qualify for factoring. Request your invoice factoring quote now.

How long does it take to set up a cash flow management structure?

Getting started with factoring financial services is quick and simple: just complete an invoice factoring application and fax it with an accounts receivable aging report and we can get you a proposal the same day. Then as soon as you are able to forward to MP Star the supporting documents listed on page three of the application, we can put your new cash flow management structure will be in place in as little as five business days, and assuming there are no unusual issues.

Can I see some examples of what MP Star has done for other companies?

Absolutely. Read a few of our client testimonials right here.

Who can I talk to about the early stages of factoring financial services?

It is simple. You can call us at 800-833-3765 Ext. 150, email us at, or complete our online application now.

Do you have additional questions about MP Star’s factoring loans?

Call us toll free at 800-833-3765 Ext. 150 – our experienced professionals are standing by to get your cash flow management solutions up and running quickly and affordably.

Gage Price
Gage is the president of MP Star Financial, founding the company in 1995 to provide invoice factoring and other asset-based lending services, focusing on freeing up cash flow for small to medium-sized businesses. Gage earned his MBA at The Stern School of Business in New York City.