Smooth out the bumps in your cash flow process with invoice factoring at MP Star Financial, where factoring receivables comes with NO HIDDEN FEES. Fill out a factoring application today!

Maybe you own or run a business where finding traditional bank funding isn’t easy or maybe you’ve started a brand new business and need help with cash flow management. Since 1995, MP Star Financial has helped countless businesses and people like you meet payroll and tax obligations, get supplier discounts, upgrade equipment, extend better payment terms, go after new business and more.

Don’t lose or turn away business because of cash flow issues. Apply for invoice factoring online now and get the cash you need – fast!

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Invoice Factoring Basics

Factoring Receivables with MP Star Financial, your no hidden fees Invoice Factoring Company since 1995.

MP Star Financial is a full service factoring company that provides excellent service and low rates – with no hidden fees!

Our factoring program offers the following advantages:

1 NO hidden fees.
2 NO invoice factoring application fees.
3 NO minimum monthly funding requirements.
4 NO long-term accounts receivable financing contracts.
5 NO wire fees for overnight business funding transfers.
6 Fees are based on the business funding transfer date.

As a client, you’ll get the business funding you need along with courteous, professional service – and no hidden fees. Our professionals have years of experience working with companies who are growing rapidly and want to focus on more than just dealing with their factoring company every day.

Download our Brochure (PDF 296 kb.) »

Take the MP Star Financial “No Hidden Fees Challenge” today to get started with a factoring business plan.

Did you get a proposal from another company? Or do you have a current factoring contract? Send it to MP Star Financial and we’ll show you the hidden fees. If we can’t save you money, you’ll receive $250 in cold hard cash!

At MP Star Financial, there are:

  • No hidden fees
  • No application fees
  • No minimum monthly funding requirements
  • No long term contracts

Instead, you’ll receive excellent service and cash flow management solutions that really work.

Are you new to invoice factoring? Then you’re probably wondering “How does factoring work?” At MP Star, you get answers.

Fortunately, factoring receivables is typically much simpler than traditional bank financing.

To help you understand how factoring works and how it will help cash flow management so you can grow your business, you’ll find:

Still have questions and are still wondering “How does factoring work?” Contact MP Star Financial at 1-800-833-3765, ext. 150, to talk about your specific needs.

The experts at MP Star Financial have plenty of experience in factoring receivables for numerous industries.

From janitorial to temporary staffing, and from security to light manufacturing and much more, MP Star Financial has significant expertise in a wide range of industries – including ones like yours.

Contact MP Star Financial today at 1-800-833-3765, ext. 150 or fill out your invoice factoring application online now.

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